• Budgeting for filming international project in Korea, plus scheduling for your project
  • Location scouting and negotiation for location permits
  • Hiring freelance crew in all departments or fixer in Korea
  • Renting equipment, including camera, grip, lighting and more
  • Casting talent, extras
  • Securing all government permissions for film in the country or region
  • Script review to advise on any sensitive areas with regard to filming permissions
  • Arranging visas and work permits where relevant
  • Coordinating travel and living arrangements
  • Organizing special effects equipment, rigging, pyrotechnics, crew
  • Creating and/or securing props, set dressing
  • Assembling wardrobe creation, purchase, rental/ seamstresses, tailors
  • Arranging transportation, picture vehicles and/ or marine requirements
  • Arranging art department and construction setup
  • Hiring a catering, craft service team
  • Hiring makeup, hair, prosthetics team, supplies
  • Post production services, editing, film scanning
  • Event filming and planning
  • Photoshoot servicing
Service, service and more service is our motto. Let’s keep it simple and make it fun!
We’ve worked on high end commercials, low-budget internet films, US network TV Programs and feature films and enjoyed them all. We know how difficult it can be to shoot abroad and that’s why we offer you our professional knowledge, suppliers and friends to make you feel at home. We give total commitment to the whole process.

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